About    Cuban Salsa



My name is Bryan Ramos and I come from Ecuador in South America. 

I started dancing at the age of 6, and haven't stopped since. My main influences are from Puerto Rico and Cuba (I lived in Cuba for 3 years), as well as LA and New York.  I try to blend these styles to create something individual.

While living in Northern Ireland in 2002 - 2006 I taught in several different venues. 

I got a great response and I am very grateful to all those people who supported me by coming to my classes and the Social events I organised.


From 2007 to 2009 while living in Australia I taught in different venues around Canberra.  I’m now living in the UK in Milton Keynes  where I have started teaching.

If you enjoy dancing, come along to one of my classes or social events, and I hope to get you up on the dance floor!